Cardiff feastings at Cafe Citta

You simply cannot beat Italian food done right. There is something immensely satisfying in eating food that is so simple yet so comforting, so indulgent yet so delicately balanced in flavour. In Cardiff, you’ll find Cafe Citta will meet your lingua’s needs (that’s tongue in Italian).


Cafe Citta is tucked away just off St Mary’s street. You walk under the purple canopy and are instantly surrounded by the warm aromas of garlic and baked bread. A very welcoming greeting. The restaurant is certainly cosy – you’ll be brushing elbows with your fellow diners – but this adds to the illusion that you’ve been transported to a tiny restaurant crammed on a side street in Rome or Venice. The space is completely charming. As are the staff, who meet your every need without being invasive or wearing a plastic smile.

Naturally we started with a bottle of prosecco.


Followed by olives marinated in garlic, bruschetta and polenta topped with Dolce Latte cheese.



The bruschetta was perfect – chunky sourdough that absorbed all the garlic and tomato juices yet still had bite, with plenty of basil and black pepper.


Does this even need words? Look at that oozy cheesey goodness.


For mains we ordered the seafood linguine and the Italian meat pizza with goats cheese, mozzarella and pepper.


The fresh pasta was perfectly al dente and coated in the velvety sweet seafood sauce. The prawns and mussel were perfectly cooked and complemented by a hint of fragrant chilli.


We all know a wood-fire oven always leads to the perfect pizza – crispy on the bottom and oozy on the top.



A sister’s pure contentment.


We had no room for dessert, but order some anyway of course. I went for the tiramasu, which was rich and full of flavour yet moreishly light.



We also ordered the creme brulee and the cheesecake with fruit compote.



The cheesecake was overly sweet, and I’m always disappointed when a cheesecake isn’t free standing. But who cares when you order a couple of rounds of…



We left full to the brim, very merry and certain that we would be returning again. If you’re in Cardiff looking for the perfect dining experience I cannot recommend Cafe Citta enough!


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