Sprout Up Your Life – Sprout Kimchi

In recent years the sprout has really shaken off it’s boring reputation. Long gone are the days when a sprout is simply boiled.



Par-boiled and finished in the pan with lardons has become a classic way of serving the little fellas, which of course goes down well with bacon lovers (99.99% of meat eaters). However I wanted to really experiment with the humble sprout and present it in an innovative and unconventional way. After trial and error I’ve created a simple, exotic and extremely pungent sprout recipe.


Usually made from cabbage and daikon raddish, kimchi is a fermented accompaniment used in Korean cooking and has recently taken the title of ‘superfood’, due to the recognised health benefits of fermented foods. Kimchi is full of healthy bacterias that aid digestion, and probiotics that fight off infections. Therefore take advantage of of the seasonal sprout and made a batch of healthy and delicious sprout kimchi!


I in no way claim this is an authentic Korean recipe. It is my very Westernised version using what I had in the cupboard!


450g of sprouts

85g of salt


1 medium onion

30g fresh ginger

4 cloves of garlic

55g fish sauce

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1tbs paprika

1tsp smocked paprika

2 heaped tsp chilli flakes

1 chicken stock cube (or vegetable), crumbled


First quarter your sprouts and separate the quarters into small leafs. Add to a bowl.


Add the salt and cover with water. Mix with your hands, squeezing gently so the sprouts really absorb that salt. Place a plate over the water to ensure that the sprouts are completely emerged. Cover with clingfilm and leave for 24hrs.

Drain the wilted sprouts and rinse well.

Finely chop the garlic, ginger and onion, and add to the sprouts with all the other ingredients.


Mix well.


Put in an airtight glass container (plastic isn’t ideal because is will irrevocably absorb that kimchi smell). Leave in a cool dark place for 24hrs, then open to allow the gases to escape. Reseal and leave for a further 48hrs.


Store in the fridge and eat within one month.

I love using this condiment in fried rice, noodle soup, in salads and alongside sushi. It livens up any dish, and is a fantastic way to use seasonal produce in an exciting and unexpected way.

Please leave a comment if you have any unusual sprout recipes to share! #sproutupyourlife


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