A Taste of Budapest

I visited Budapest two years ago, and can’t wait to go back. Whilst wondering around you’ll see beautiful architecture, stumble into stunning parks and, most importantly, come across lots of delicious food and drink!

Our first experience of Hungarian cuisine was very traditional. Surrounded by locals on their lunch break, we took our place in line at a servery, which brought back memories of school dinners I would rather forget. However, I’m happy to say the food coming out of this servery was very unlike a British school dinner. We chose Hungarian sausages served in a rich paprika sauce.


The sausages were comprised mainly of a spiced bread mix. Crispy on the outside and soft yet substantial in the middle, they really packed a savoury punch. Really delicious with the sweet, slightly spicy paprika sauce. It was a great first taste of Budapest, and only cost a couple of pounds.


Budapest markets really are fantastic. Full to the brim of cured meats, fish, dairy products, vegetables and lots of fruit. One of the finest things in life is purchasing a giant bag of deep purple cherries and munching them as you bimble around the markets on a sunny day.


Sausages galore. (Hehe.)



The happiest looking pickles I ever did see.


Oh, and did I forget to mention the markets sell amazing pastries?


On one occasion I plumped for an almond and cherry pastry: slabs of thick, shortbread-like cake sandwiching a sweet, cherry filling and topped with toasted flaked almonds. Oh my.


Sister was equally happy with her choice.



When we weren’t guzzling pastries and exploring markets, we headed to the Jewish Quarter. Here we found an array of hipster bars, buzzing restaurants and enticing street food. One evening we decided to eat at a burger van. This decision was a very good decision.


The burgers were packed full of cheese, onions cooked in peer, pickles and salad. The meat was of excellent quality and cooked to juicy perfection.


A portrait of contentment.



Continuing the healthy theme, Budapest is home to one of the cutest ice-cream shops I’ve ever visited.


Levendula Handcrafted Ice-Cream.


With an array of original and innovative flavours, you’ll be stuck for choice.


But we managed to decide in the end, both choosing Lavender and Dark Chocolate. Heavenly.


One meal we had, that was excellent value for money, was at Bordo Bisztro. We had three courses and a cocktail for around £5 each. The quality of the food wasn’t outstanding. Some of the food was slightly cold, and the goulash soup was not as flavourful as I would have liked. But other dishes were very good, and the customer service was excellent.


My sister’s cucumber and mint soup was creamy and packed with garlic.


Grilled herb chicken with veggies and rice.


Me with ma Mojito and pork skewer.



A spectacular gooey chocolate cake with an orange sauce. Definitely the highlight of the meal.


On another occasion we dined in an Italian restaurant next to the Opera House. It was simple Italian food at its best, where you could taste the fresh ingredients of the markets around you. And, despite its location, the food was still very affordable.


I ordered a meaty, spicy pizza, with a smokey finish from the wood-fire oven. With a side of rocket salad, because health.


Sister ordered crab spaghetti, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

All in all, Budapest it a thriving city with cheap, delicious food around every corner. It is the perfect place for an affordable short holiday. Just promise me, when you visit, you’ll drink as much beer as I did!



G x









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